As far as WRONGBIKING goes I had a pretty perfect weekend.

Sat night was SF Bike Party. This month was Punk Olympic themed. I couldn’t describe just how much fun it was so here are a few pictures instead:

Emily comparing Mohawks

Rolling fun

Bike Sumo

Saturday Emily and I headed out on the Alpine Dam loop with some new friends. 3500 feet of climbing on the tandem is always epic. Plus one of the riders bonked hard, giving Emily I the chance to play medic with cliff shots and water. Rob enjoys epics.

Captain Rob chasing the breakaway

Alpine Loop. Och.

Sunday was pretty lazy. I spend most of the day recovering, watching TV and planning my next ultralight camping trip. We did manage to get out for short fun trip:

Just a spin down the waterfront

Emily does a even better job of recounting the weekend.


SF Bike Party: London Calling

Tonight is San Francisco Bike Party. Theme is London Calling Punk Rock Olympics. See you out there.



Happy 4th!

General George Washington Bicycle Illustration. 

via Alex B Hill Design


Corey is Back

After a few week get healthy hiatus Corey is back and sadly still kicking my ass.

Yep I still got it.



This weekend Em and I loaded our Burly trailer and hooked it up the tandem and BARTed out to Fremont. Next we peddled 28 miles and 2000 feet to meet up with the bike camping crew. The last 10 miles of climbing was hot and brutal, the cart filled with emergency beer resupplies really brought the pain. We spend the night camping with friends. Good stories, laughs and a touch too much beer. The next morning we cooked pancakes and enjoyed a leisurely “getting going” (and maybe just one more beer).

I really should of taken more pictures but here are a few:

Randomly finding awesome mex food!

Bike nerd, art nerd or cute nerd?

Camp, good times

Ok, more mex with more bikes

BART – home thanks BART.

For more see my wifes post.


Evolution Revolution Velorution

Swiped from cbruntlett

A caveman activist out tagging walls.


Natures cable bumper

Using leather instead of those little rubber cable bumpers, cute and clever indeed!

Clever and Classy


Flying Champ



New Emily Bike(s)

Emily wasn’t riding the Globe Haul. As plenty pretty as it was there were plenty of reasons she wasn’t riding it: it’s a slow bike, heavy and heavy handling. So I sold it and started a search for a faster Emily bike, something that would keep up with any of my bikes…. I searched and searched but nothing really seemed to be what she wanted, vs what I wanted her to want. Then today I saw two old school three speed bikes and it hit me, I was thinking the wrong way! Maybe two old school English-style three speed bikes would do the trick. So I bought them and, after work, showed her one of them.

She loved it.

Then I showed her a second matching one that would level the peddling field, and she was ecstatic. Two getting-around bikes, that make getting around easy. Perfect. Plus, women love things that match.

Two bikes for two

Our sunset test spin was perfect. Sometimes you have to turn the equation upside down and figure out how to go slower not faster.


Amtrak & Bicycle

Visited my parents via Amtrak and bicycle, which worked very well. While using the free WiFi and 110 power to charge my cell phone I found this Old English train and bicycle video.

“The puncturie might get a ragging” or “touch of the bonk”. Classic indeed.