Critical Mass 20th!

This Friday, is CM’s 20th. It’s going to be a monstrous event.


SFBP Sept 2012

Last night hippy loving mystery ride was a good time. Here are a few pics:

Helmets and jungle gyms are a good thing

Weeee, whoop!



Sports Basement Cycolcross

Free as in Free Beer!
This Thursday Sports Basement is having a cyclocross kickoff party. It’s a good chance network with the tweekers of the cycling world, maybe even find a team to join.

See the FB page to sign up.


30 days notice

Friday was fun. Landlord send a email giving us thirty days notice. The current SF rental market is crazy and now I need to find a new place large enough to allow storing a few bikes….Quite a few places we looked at in our price range didn’t even have room for 1 bike.

Any good tips out there for finding a place in SF with good bike storage.


Cyclocross Season

Let the silliness begin.


What happens to stolen bikes

Priceonomics attempts to examine why bike theft happens. I think his conclusion that bike theft isn’t very profitable contradicts the evidence.

It’s happening and moving in a more professional direction, which he states in is article. Professionals do it for MONEY. If a professionals averages $100 a bike, 3 bikes a day, 250 days a year that would be $75,000. All tax free. Considering a good bike on craigslist sells from anywhere $300-$1500 that still leaves plenty of profit for reseller marketup and transportation cost.

My stolen bike. Likely stolen by a professional.


Almanzo 100

Unsupported 100 mile gravel race. Perfection. Maybe I’ll find my self out back east next May.

Almanzo100 from Royal Antler on Vimeo.


The Dude


Worlds smallest fixie

This video sent in by one of my readers is making the rounds.

Ha, what a champ.





Rolled by the Oracle Catamaran down in India Basin, just had to stop and take a snapshot.